From Handshake to Harvest, our services provide you with year-round customer support.

South 89 Seed has been serving Northwest Minnesota area growers for 10 years with Pioneer Seeds® and grower services.

Agronomy Services:

– Hybrid/Variety seed plots

– Agronomic trials (population, planting rate, seed treatment etc)

– Crop Scouting

– Local Field Days

– Equipment Demonstration

– Agronomy alerts via text or email

– Winter Workshop / Education Training

Agassiz Seed Retailer

Offering lawn seed mixes, cover crops, and pasture mixes as well as forage seed especially designed for the Northern Plains.

Spring Wheat Varieties/Custom Treat Facility

The best in spring wheat varieties, including AP Murdock, SY McCloud, SY Valda, TCG – Heartland, and DG Ambush. New in 2021, a separate automated wheat treating line to keep up with the pace of our customers.

LumiGEN™ Seed Treatment

LumiGEN™ seed protection packages for corn, alfalfa, sunflowers, and canola as well as a prescription treat site for accuracy on soybeans.

Davis Weather Station Retailer

Measure weather where it matters most: at your farm, home, business, or school. Davis systems offer rugged, cost-effective, flexible ways to get critical field data continuously transmitted to your mobile devices.

Tissue Sampling

Tissue sample analysis reveals the current nutrient levels of a plant, allowing farmers to respond to any deficiencies.

Inoculants for Silage and High Moisture Corn

Products to get your silage bunk-ready faster and increase high moisture corn’s speed of fermentation while reducing dry matter loss and increasing aerobic stability, all backed with the Pioneer brand!

Digital Services:

Delivery to your farm or field included with seed or chemical purchase.

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