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    Spring Wheat Seed

    South 89 Seed offers the best spring wheat varieties from top brands like AgriPro® and TCG.

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    Browse our wide range of spring wheat products and look to us for advice on the ideal varieties for your fields.

    S89 S Rule Top

    Wb9590 Brand

    • Broad adaptability and excellent yield potential
    • Excellent protein content
    • Excellent standability
    • Very good yellow (stripe) rust tolerance
    • Single-use license variety
    S89 S Rule Middle

    AgriPro Murdock

    • Excellent yield
    • Good protein content
    • Medium early maturity
    • Good to very good standability
    • Good to very good fusarium head blight and bacterial leaf streak tolerance
    S89 S Rule Middle

    Sy McCloud

    • Very good yield
    • Very good protein content
    • Medium-early maturity and good standability
    • Excellent test weight
    • Strong disease package
    • Adapted to North Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana
    S89 S Rule Middle

    TCG Heartland

    • Excellent yield
    • Early maturing
    • Good protein content
    • Strong straw strength
    • Great for underseeding ryegrass
    S89 S Rule Middle

    TCG Wildcat

    • Excellent yield
    • High protein content
    • Early maturing
    • Excellent standability
    • Good tolerance to PHS and BLS
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