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    Spring Wheat Seed

    South 89 Seed offers the best spring wheat varieties from top brands like AgriPro® and TCG.

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    Browse our wide range of spring wheat products and look to us for advice on the ideal varieties for your fields.

    S89 S Rule Top


    • 51.1 Days to Heading | CSO Only
    • Seeding Rate: 1.8M
    • Height in inches: 24.2
    • Replaces TCG Heartland and Agri-Pro McCloud

    S89 S Rule Middle

    TCG Wildcat

    • Excellent yield
    • High protein content
    • Early maturing
    • Excellent standability
    • Good tolerance to PHS and BLS
    S89 S Rule Middle

    SY 611CL

    • 48.6 Days to Heading | Clearfield Tolerant
    • Seeding Rate: 1.4M
    • Height in inches: 24.9
    • Herbicide resistant for management of resistant wild oats
    S89 S Rule Middle


    • The Bin Buster | CSO variety 
    • Short, early maturing variety with top end yield potential
    • Protein and TW are good
    • Excellent standability
    • Performs well in high yielding environments
    • Good MR-MS disease reaction for most regional diseases
    S89 S Rule Middle


    • Big Yield on Bad Ground | CSO variety
    • Medium-tall, early maturing variety
    • Good standability
    • Good yield potential on difficult fields such as water impacted alkali ground
    • Excels on productive acres and higher yield environments
    • Protein and TW are medium
    • Plant at normal rate for your area
    • Use fungicide for optimum disease control
    S89 S Rule Bottom
    Inset TCG Wheat IMG 6609

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