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    SOUTH 89:

    “Not a seed leaves the South 89 Warehouse without a jacket!”
    – Amy Brateng


    We’ve been known to say the above statement to any grower that questions the value of seed treatment. So, let’s review Pioneer’s LumiGEN soybean seed treatment offered at South 89 Seed:

    Evergol Energy by Bayer Crop Science is our main fungicide package used as it provides early season protection against Rhizoctonia, Fusarium and Pythium as well as Seedling Blight and Seed Rot. A three (3) fungicide package.

    Lumisena by Corteva is our exclusive fungicide for Phytopthora root rot. This product maintains the plants early season health by protecting the population you planted. We do have high levels of root rot presence in our local environment.

    2030LG by BASF contains our proprietary biological enhancements. These promote growth and biological (non-chemical) disease protection. Two different biological components are present in our 2030LG mix.

    120+ by BASF is the soybean inoculant that we have been using for a few years now. This product has high bacteria count (for fixing nitrogen) and an extender that we add at the time of treatment to allow for 120 days of bacteria life on the seed before the seed hits the dirt.

    This LumiGEN package is proven to be one of the best on the market that doesn’t stick or bridge-up (it flows nicely and consistently). It includes high quality products from the crop protection industry and continues to maximize yield protection of our high performing Pioneer ® A-Series Soybeans!

    Trivia Question:
    At what soil temperature does phytophthora root rot become a threat?