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    Good Morning!

    In light of our cancelled South 89 Update Meeting, we will be sending out a series of emails leading up to the planting season to provide you timely information. Please let us know if there are topics you would like us to cover in the near future.

    As we visit with growers throughout the winter, one main weed continues to be a problem in many fields across the counties we service: COMMON RAGWEED. Common ragweed is an annual weed species that is common in east and central ND as well as western and NW MN. Common ragweed emerges early in the growing season primarily, with germination terminating in July when hot temperatures arrive. Glyphosate is becoming less effective, especially when the plant grows larger than 4-6” and establishes more growing points.

    In particular, soybean fields are the most challenged. A good pre-emerge herbicide like Sonic, Matador-S or Tribal will provide a good foundation control of common ragweed. Xtend, Enlist and LibertyLink technologies will do an excellent job of controlling common ragweed. Flexstar in addition to glyphosate is also a good option when ragweed size is small. For application rates and more information contact us!

    As for sunflowers, a pre-emerge herbicide is a must! Take a look at Spartan Charge and/or BroadAxe XC. We can help decifer which one is a better fit for your farm.

    Trivia Question: How many seeds can a common ragweed plant produce?

    We are continuing to work on planting plan map books and taking phone calls. Please feel free to reach-out as we will limit on-farm meetings for the next couple weeks. We will begin delivering corn and sunflower seed towards the middle part of April.


    Amy Brateng

    Carl Gaukerud