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    It’s definitely been a paced start to the planting season here in far Northern Minnesota. However, with today’s seed treatments, you can rest assured that if the field is fit, it's time to roll with small grains. Here are 5 quick facts for planting small grains:

    >>Fungicide seed treatment is a top priority, nutritionals, and growth hormones have recently been added to the mix with success.

    >>Best planting depth for wheat? Shoot for 1.5 inches

    >> Spring Wheat germinates when the soil temperature reaches 40 degrees.

    >> Optimum Planting Date for here is First Week of May. Yields decrease 1% per day when planted past the optimum planting date.

    >> Daytime temps in the 60s and nighttime temps in the 40s allow for a nice emerged stand in 8-10 days. (Next week’s forecast is calling for this.)

    You can read more about planting date in small grains with the link below:

    Inset Seeding Wheat wheat planting