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    With the warming trend to the forecast, many of you will be ready to plant corn late this week into early next week. Here’s some friendly reminders for planting corn:

    >> The plantability report from Pioneer gives you a starting point for plates needed and/or vac/air setting pertinent to your planter and your seed size that was delivered.

    >> Take a look at your product guide for recommended planting rate for each hybrid and make notes in your planning book so you can adjust as you move among hybrids and fields.

    >> Plant at 4.5-5 mph for best singulation, we don’t want any doubles or skips!!

    >> Adjust row cleaners so that the trash in front of the planting unit is being pushed away and seed is being placed at a depth that is consistent across the row units.

    >> Planting corn at 2 inches provides for a nice root structure for good moisture consumption and proper bracing for later in the season.

    >> Shut down 24 hours before a forecasted cool down to prevent cold water imbibition.

    Then check behind the planter and check often, because with this start date, we have adequate time to make adjustments! Happy Planting! 🙂

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