The cheapest thing you can add to your herbicide mix…

WATER! The hardest part of the mix for agronomists to sell is the least expensive and is the carrier of the products, water. Over the years the water component of spray mixes has been reduced, so [...]

Ready, Set, Plant Corn!

With the warming trend to the forecast, many of you will be ready to plant corn late this week into early next week. Here’s some friendly reminders for planting corn: >> The [...]

How deep do you plant soybeans?

In years past, I would answer this question, with a shrug and say, “Oh an inch or so… ” The last couple years I’ve told many of you to leave the drill at the same depth [...]

Seeding Wheat

It’s definitely been a paced start to the planting season here in far Northern Minnesota. However with today’s seed treatments you can rest assured that if the field is fit, its time [...]

What are you waiting for?

If your goal for your corn this year is HIGH YIELD…then waiting to plant is a GOOD idea. For the best yield potential, you need a corn population that is consistent and emerged evenly. So [...]

Dicamba Use in Soybeans

Dicamba in soybeans remains to be a good herbicide for tougher broadleaf weeds that are becoming resistant to Glyphosate. Proper use of dicamba products is important for best results and control [...]

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